Abete S.R.L. 

Not many companies in the world can respond effectively to the difficult demands of the aerospace and defense industries. A.Abete S.r.l. is one of the companies that has risen to the challenge. With over 70 years of experience in the field of precision mechanical manufacturing, the company is now an international reference in the production of components and assemblies for engines and airframes.   More than words, the programs in which the company is engaged (Boeing, Airbus, Leonardo, GeAvio, Spirit Aerosystems, Qarbon, MBDA, etc.) and the over 20,000 pieces that are assembled each month on aircraft that fly in the skies around the world, both in civil and military sectors, are proof of their success. Whether it is a unique piece or a series of industrialized components, A. Abete S.r.l. uses state-of-the-art technology to guarantee a high level of production quality. The presence of a cutting-edge machine park for milling, turning, electro-erosion, and grinding operations in their Nola plant is a visible manifestation of the company’s commitment to metalworking activities. This is complemented by the expertise of their personnel (including engineers, technicians, and specialized workers), the majority of whom are focused on production, assembly, and quality control activities. Every component or assembly produced in A. Abete S.r.l.’s plants is guaranteed to meet strict quality standards and is certified through in-depth testing and testing. This manufacturing philosophy allows the company to expand into all sectors requiring low defect rates, from molds and tooling to packaging and energy.

More than 70 Years of History

In over 70 years of history, A.Abete S.r.l. has developed a strong specialization in mechanical engineering for the aerospace market. This know-how has allowed the company to establish a leading role in programs, both civil and military, for major aerospace players such as Boeing, Airbus, Leonardo, Ge Avio, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and MBDA. In addition, the company has the ability to design and manufacture equipment, gauges, and molds and the flexibility to respond to requests from the general mechanical sector. A.Abete S.r.l. has internally acquired all the professional and technological competences to operate independently, minimizing delays and downtime that a too extended supply chain usually entails. In the renovated plant in Nola (11,500 square meters of surface area, of which 6,000 square meters for production and 1,100 for offices), all key company activities are housed, from technical offices to production, from surface processes to quality control. The presence of a Research, Development, and Technological Innovation department allows the company to develop new solutions for high value-added products and to experiment and refine processing and production technologies to improve quality and work times. The company’s willingness to meet customer needs and further develop its core business makes A.Abete S.r.l. a dynamic company and an active partner in problem-solving and sharing production strategies. Through specific feasibility studies, the company can propose and make modifications to meet specific requests during ongoing operations or to make projects more advantageous.

Lean manufacturing

How to make the most of time and make it complementary to our resources? At A.Abete, we have answered this important question with one of the most important work philosophies in history: Lean thinking. Efficiency and effectiveness are blended into a single objective: to produce the product or service that the customer desires at the lowest cost, with the highest quality, and in the shortest possible time. The Lean philosophy is global and concerns all major business processes, from the flow of materials in production to the flow of information in the offices, to the process of developing new products. A.Abete has always focused on customers and invested in technology and human capital to provide satisfactory service. Our 5 guiding principles that outline an effective and efficient model are:
  • Define value from the customer’s perspective
  • Eliminate waste
  • Flow all activities without stops or interruptions
  • Set activities according to the “pull” logic and not “push” (perform an activity only when downstream process requires it)
  • Pursue perfection through continuous improvement.

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