Finding itself operating in the aeronautical industry and in sectors characterized by extremely high-level technical standards, A. Abete S.r.l. has operated, over the years, in the direction of a strong specialization in construction techniques and quality control: the possibility of carrying out tests and checks during the production process represents in this sense the strong point of dimensional control activities.

Every customer of A.Abete S.r.l. knows that it has all the necessary guarantees (both in terms of certifications and as regards the testing and inspections part) to be able to mount the machined components directly on the structural parts of the aircraft rather than on the engine, without resorting to additional checks. It is the result of a trusted relationship consolidated over the years thanks to the company quality systems (ISO 9001, ISO 9100) and the certifications issued by customers for the various technical activities.

Two specialized departments (Metrology Room and Final Testing) oversee all control activities, both for instrumental tests and for visual and documentary checks. The equipment available in the Metrology Room includes:

  • Macchine di misura (CMMDea Hexagon)
  • Verifica di durezza e conducibilità
  • IACS
  • Micrometri
  • Misuratori universali
  • Altimetri
  • Proiettori di profili
  • Microscopi
  • Tester di rugosità

In the Final Testing department, a team of employees checks the identification parameters and checks for any damage (painting, scratches, dents) before the products arrive for shipment.


  • EN9100
  • EN9001


  • NADCAP Non Destructive Test
  • NADCAP Surface Enhancement
  • NADCAP Chemical Processes


  • UNI EN ISO 14001