Mechanical workings

A.Abete S.r.l. reinvests on average about 75% of its annual profits to purchase new machinery and update all the technologies that contribute to the increase in productivity and competitiveness to the state of the art:

  1. Machine tools
  2. Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)
  3. ERPCAD/CAM/CAE software
  4. Toolpath simulation (simulate CNC machining)

The high rate of automation reduces production costs and delivery times, while ensuring the maintenance of the high quality standards required by the sector. With this level of competitiveness, the company can present itself today on the domestic and foreign markets as one of the few high-level alternatives to the low-cost proposals from emerging countries.


The milling department was equipped with 3, 4 and 5 axis machine tools, horizontal and vertical machining centres. A flexible manufacturing system based on Fastems FMS allows you to make the most of five-axis units by realizing a 24×7 automation model based on a multi-level configuration (MLS). The result is an increase in productivity, an improvement in the repeatability of processes and products, a significant reduction in set-ups and, consequently, in production times.


In addition to the classic turning operations on cylindrical pieces, A.Abete S.r.l. is able to carry out complex operations involving combined machining of turning and milling up to 5 axes. The aim is to guarantee the execution – on the same machine and in a single positioning – of machining of complex mechanical components with advantages in terms of costs and product quality. The possibility of avoiding the movement of the piece on different machines eliminates any coordination problems between the various processing phases and at the same time minimizes the tooling activities.


Where conventional machining cannot be employed, the EDM process comes into play. For specific pieces, such as components for defense and for aeronautical engines, the use of EDM machines (sink and wire) allows machining on hard metals (tungsten carbide) or on geometries with complex profiles.


In the Grinding department, A.Abete S.r.l. can carry out processes and finishes on details that require a very high level of precision. In this regard, it is useful to highlight the presence of an air-conditioned room where the machines intended for processes that require the highest control of the technological parameters are placed.

Superficial Processes

A.ABETE SRL, which has always been attentive to market developments and to the requests of its customers, has implemented an area dedicated to Superficial Processes in order to increase productivity by reducing delivery times. All products can be completed in-house with the following processes:

  1. Inspection with penetrant liquids
  2. Shot peening process
  3. Galvanic treatment (for titanium and aluminum alloys)
  4. Paintwork
Penetrant liquids

The semi-automatic system for Inspection with Fluorescent Liquid Penetrants has been designed in such a way as to be able to use both the Washable Penetrant with Water and the Post-Emulsifiable Penetrant with Hydrophilic Emulsifier. In this way, it is possible to carry out inspections in accordance with the various methods envisaged by international standards.

Shot peening

We at A.Abete srl are an Italian company that operates in the precision mechanics sector with dedication and passion.

Among our objectives, there are not only the production of components and assemblies for engines and structural parts of aircraft; others are goals to have and want to achieve. Innovation and development are two of these. We persevere in researching and updating our machinery, in order to always be the exact answer to the needs of our reference market. The shot peening technique can be an example. This technology is one of the most critical surface processes in aerospace engineering.

Shot peening, in detail, is a cold process which, by generating residual compressive stresses on the surface of the components (surface hardening), increases their resistance to fatigue. Our system is of the latest generation. Built in 2013, it is equipped with a single nozzle moved by a FANUC anthropomorphic robot and a revolving workpiece table. This makes it a seven-axis machine, capable of shot peening all surfaces, whatever their position, their complexity and their inclination, always guaranteeing an angle of impact of the shot between 45° and 90°, i.e. guaranteeing everywhere the achievement the peening intensity and coverage required.


The two separate galvanic lines, one for the treatment of aluminum alloys, one for the treatment of titanium alloys and steel, make it possible to rationalize and streamline production. In detail, it is possible to carry out the processes of Chromic Anodic Oxidation, Sulfur-Boric Anodic Oxidation, Sulfur-Tartaric Anodic Oxidation, Colored Chemical Conversion, Passivation of titanium, Passivation of steel. The automatic systems, which manage the work cycles via PLC, constantly monitor parameters such as temperature, PH, conductivity and the level of the tanks, guaranteeing full compliance with the customer’s specifications.


The automatic painting plant is divided into three distinct areas: a controlled temperature and humidity booth, a drying area, and a controlled temperature oven. The timed chain, which moves the pieces between the three areas, allows the work cycles to be programmed according to the customer’s specifications, so that the flash-off and paint polymerization times are always respected.