A. Abete has expanded its skills in the development and production of robotic systems for tending operations of Machine Tools, with the feasibility study, design, construction and set-up of gripping devices (Robot End-Effector) , piece feeding systems, piece-holder pallets or automatic vertical warehouses.

The FANNUC, ABB and COMAU robots represent the top on the robotics market, proving to be precious allies in the efficient resolution of any need relating to the automation of industrial processes involving the handling of both small pieces and large loads (load capacity up to 2300 Kg and maximum extension up to 4600 mm).

Design and construction of robotic systems:

  • Servicing for Machine Tools (CNC Milling – CNC Turning)
  • Parts handling and palletizing
  • Robotic assembly of industrial components
  • Reprogramming and/or Adaptation to new product codes for existing production lines.
  • Training on the use and basic programming (anthropomorphic robots)
  • Remote and on-site technical assistance
  • Technical support for the “Commissioning” of robotic cells
  • Customized End-Effector design and construction (tools on the robot’s wrist).
  • Off-Line robot programming, for new part-number management feasibility study
  • On-Line robot programming, for adapting trajectories and functions for new p-n;
  • Optimization of Cycle Times