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A.ABETE srl. reinvests on average about 75% of its annual profits to buy new equipment and upgrade in the best possible way technologies that contribute to increase productivity and competitiveness:
  • machine tools
  • flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)
  • ERP software
  • tool-path simulation (simulated CNC machining)

The high level of automation reduces production costs and lead times, while ensuring the maintenance of the high quality standards required by industry. With this level of competitiveness, the Company can be introduced nowadays on the national and international market as one of the few high level alternatives to the low-cost proposals coming from developing countries.


The milling department has been equipped with machine tools with 3, 4 and 5 axis, horizontal and vertical machining centers. A flexible manufacturing system based on FMS Fastems makes it possible to take the best advantage of the five-axis units while creating a 24x7 automation model based on a multi-level (MLS) configuration. The result is an increase in productivity, an improvement in the repeatability of processes and products, a significant reduction in set-up and, consequently, in the production time.


In addition to the classical turning operations on cylindrical pieces A.ABETE srl can perform complex operations involving combined machining of turning and milling up to 5 axes. The aim is to ensure the execution - on the same machine and in a single setup – of machining on complex mechanical components with advantages in terms of costs and quality of product. The possibility of avoiding the handling of the work-piece on different machines in fact eliminates all the possible problems of coordination between the various stages of processing and minimizes at the same time the activities of tooling.


Where the conventional machining cannot be used, the EDM process comes into play. For specific items, such as components for the defense and aircraft engines, the use of electrical discharge machines (EDM and wire) allows machining of hard metals (tungsten carbide) or geometries in complex profiles.


In the Grinding department, A.ABETE srl can make processing and finishing of parts requiring a high level of accuracy. With regard to this, it is necessary to highlight the presence of an air conditioned room where there are those machines intended to those processes that require the highest control of technological parameters.
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