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Since it has been working in the aviation industry and in industries with technical standards of the highest level, A.ABETE srl has worked over the years in the direction of a strong specialization in manufacturing techniques and quality control: the ability to perform tests and inspections during the production process is in this sense the strength of the activities of dimensional control.

Each customer of A.ABETE srl knows that can get all the guarantees necessary (both in terms of certifications and as to measurements and tests) in order to be able to assemble the machined components directly on the structural parts of the aircraft or of the engine, without resorting to additional controls. It is the result of a fiduciary relationship been consolidated over the years thanks to the company quality systems (ISO 9001, ISO 9100) and the certifications issued by customers for various technical activities.

Two specialized departments (Metrology Room and Final Testing) preside over all control activities for both instrumental tests and visual and documentary controls. The equipment available in the Metrology Room include:

  • measuring machines(CMMDea Hexagon)
  • checking hardness and IACS conductivity
  • micrometers
  • altimeters
  • universal gauges
  • profile projectors
  • microscopes
  • surface roughness testers

In the department of Final Testing a team of workers provides for the identification parameters checking and check for any signs of damage (paint, scratches, dents) before the products are ready for shipment.

Special process

Adhesive Test
Boric Acid-Sulfuric Acid Anodize
Cadmium Plate
Chemical Conversion Coating Of Alluminium Alloy
Chemical Nickel Coating
Chromate Plate
Chromic Acid Anodising Sealed
Chromic Acid Anodising Without Sealing
Chromium Plate
Corrosion Prevention
Dimensional Check
Dry Film Lubrificant
Edm Machining
Electrical Bonding
Electrical Conductivity
Etch Cleaning
Flash Hard Anodize & Sodium Dichromate Seal
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
Hard Anodizing Sealed
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment Stress Relief
Installation And Assembly
Magnetic Inspection
Mechanical Finishing
Rilsan Coating
Sealed Sulphuric Acid Anodising
Shot Peening
Sol-Gel Conversion Coating
Sulphuric Acid Anodising
Sulphuric Acid Anodising Without Sealing
Teflon Coating
Temporary Protection
Temporary Protective Coating
Top Coat
Vacuum Deposition Of Cadmium For Steels
Zinc Phosphate Base For Cadmium Plated Steels