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The company is an aerostructures leader for parts production of equipped fuselages of the major worldwide players. A.Abete produces every year more than 200.000 elementary parts and assemblies of fuselages, wings and... continue
EFA B767 A321 A380 B787 A340 ATR 42/72
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The company is a leading player in the parts manufacture and tool design & fabrication of civil and military aeronautics engine components. A.Abete acts as the centre of excellence in the field of mechanical... continue
CT7-8 & CT7-8C GEnX (B787 Propulsor) V2500 PW150 LMS100 (Energy) CFM56 T700
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The company is capable of producing missiles details of very high precision machining in order to meet the whole range of current and future operational requirements for the three armed forces (army, navy, air force).... continue
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Aeronautical Equipment

With over 50 years of experience A.Abete is one of the leading players for Design, Production, Installation and Revision of Aeronautical and Mechanical Jigs and Tools, such as Assembly Tools, Milling, Turning,... continue
Laser Trimming Tool Depth Control Gauge Grinding Tool Milling Tool Welding tool Control Tools Forming Mould
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