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Thanks to its technical proposal and structural organization level, A.ABETE srl can face any request regarding precision machining.

The ability to move the market and in particular to find materials in complete autonomy enables the Company to meet the needs of any type, from specific requirements to broader projects

From the idea to the finished project

The high know-how in the production of mechanical components and the definition of the production cycle is the key to any required processing, from individual components to assemblies and structures with autonomous function. For this reason, the Production Engineering by A.ABETE srl has been structured to thoroughly study each piece, by analyzing the mathematical models in 3D CAD, defining the working cycle and designing when necessary the equipment needed for its making (molds, fixing and controlling tools).

The department is responsible for defining the tool path and the programming of machines with different working strategies as well as the definition of critical parameters (feed rate, tool speeds).

The use of sophisticated software tools for the simulation allows a reliable prediction of the movements of the tools, to reduce the risk of dangerous collisions with the machine tool and to contain the time of development of new products.

The Technical Department is in charge of analyzing the technical specifications of the customers and to prepare the necessary documents for the production and installation (operating procedures, surface processes, quality control.

In touch with the customer

A working group entirely dedicated to the production planning and control handles orders and processes and elaborates the production plans.

This unit is the direct interface of the Company with its customers:

  • it gets orders
  • defines the machine loads according to the customer needs and transfers them to the production functions within the Company
  • assigns work orders and prepares all those activities to be developed

The entire life cycle of products - both those to be developed within the project management, as well as those already industrialized - is constantly monitored. With an experienced staff and an Enterprise Resource Planning system of the evolved type, all management processes are activated in an aware and organized way.