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Investing in training to enhance and motivate staff

08 lug 2016
In a competitive and challenging field such as the aerospace industry, training and education are the key tools to achieve the company targets. Developing the skills and knowledge of workers is the necessary step to master and manage the challenges that the sector launches.
For this reason Abete invests heavily in training its employees through courses held both internally and externally. Courses are given, on the field and in the classroom, by accredited centers and/or training schools. The courses, provided by different learning methods (in classroom and on the job), aims to develop functional behavior with corporate objectives.
The training provided in 2015 followed, as in the past, two different needs regarding the area of compulsory courses (related to environment and workplace safety) and those related to improvement in management and technical skills.
The training activities has involved many of the employees for a total of 3000 hours of training and workshops.
The technical courses, ranged from technical reading duty cycles and FMEA product control cycles; special processes and heat treatments, composite part design with Catia V5. During the courses related to management issues, different topics have been covered such as people management, production planning and control, controller operator project, procurement, aircraft production of human resources management, and project management.
In particular, the "Lean Transformation Program" has been particularly important for Abete Company. This program started in April 2015 and still in progress, which involved four cross-functional work teams, on four different strategic projects, for a total of over 2000 working hours. For further integration of the "Lean project” it was decided to support, for the year 2016, the Management Team through an Executive Coaching program lasting in 6 months.
Additional items included in the training programs of 2016 are involving development paths for "the role of the leaders in production processes", "Supply Chain Management" and "Statistical Process Control."
The technical and managerial training is of paramount importance for the staff growth and the acquisition of new skills/knowledge. Abete, particularly sensitive to this aspect, is constantly investing in the development of its employees.


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