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Abete obtains Shot Peening Process Qualification for GEAvio

02 gen 2017
The implementation and on-site development of Surface Treatments brought Abete in achieving a new important goal.
Last May Abete obtained Shot Peening Process Qualification for GE Avio, in compliance with P11TF3, P11TF8, 7600FC e AMS2430 specifications.
This achievement was made possible thanks to the possession of the previously owned National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) certification, that is warranty of a strengthened process complying with international standards, and thanks to the high performing technology of the Shot Peening machine operating in the Abete factory.
Abete, in fact, has a Shot Peening machine with only one nozzle, moved by an anthropomorphic robot that, joined with the 360 degree rotating work table, allows movements in the space in 7 axis. These characteristics, associated with the 0 point tooling set-up system, guarantee two main benefits: uniform and stable Shot Peening intensity, on all the exposed surfaces of the manufactured part, with any configuration at the same level; reduction of the process overall lead time, thanks to the shorter set-up time, simplified part verification tools, Shot Peening in just one positioning of the part.
Shot Peening is a cold working process which induces a compressive residual stress layer and modifies mechanical properties of metals and composites. It consists in shooting the surface of the manufactured part with shot (round metallic, glass, or ceramic particles) having enough energy to create plastic deformation.


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