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Abete takes part in Research and Development Clean Sky II project with Rolls Royce

02 gen 2017
In 2017 will start DEVILS, project for turbofan engine innovative lubrication system
A. Abete srl is increasing its activities in R&D, with new projects in 2017-2020 period. One of the topic under attention by Abete is the development of electro-mechanics components in aeronautical sector. Abete R&D department, led by Eng. Mario Marchetti, starting from 2017 will be active in an  Horizon 2020/Clean Sky II project, in which Rolls Royce is the topic leader.
Abete, in collaboration with PROTOM, Euro.Soft, the israeli TAT, the Engines Institute CNR and the University Federico II (Industrial Engineering Department) of Naples, applied to a Clean Sky Call for Proposal, with an ambitious project named DEVILS (Development of VHBR engines Innovative Lubrication System).
Abete has a pivotal role in the project, being responsible of the development and the lubrification variable flow pump, based on its own original concept, which will be the core of the lubrication system for the turbofan engine VHBE (Very High Bypass Engines). This latter is the new engine currently under development by Rolls Royce, for upcoming aeronautical applications, which maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
The project also includes the development of the Fault Detection and Correction logic layer of auxiliary system of the new Rolls Royce turbofan engine, as well as the development of the Health Monitoring System which will enable the on condition maintenance of the engine.
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