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Abete’s factory opens the doors during the

02 gen 2017
An evening with the employees and their families to get stronger the team spirit.
The company success is built around values as product quality, credibility in the market, reliability to customers. But we don't forget that behind all these things there is the key factor: humanity.
In Abete company we are all well aware of that and for these reasons the attention to the employees is based on a full inclusion of them aimed to improve our team spirit. What better time than Christmas to put these ideas into practice? So the Abete's factory, last December 17th, opened the doors to employees' families to celebrate Christmas coming. It was also a welcome opportunity to visit the new areas and machineries.
On the occasion of so called "Family Day", the company proved to have a very close team, that take together the management and the employees. A precious patrimony of skills and competences composed of almost 100 people leads by CEO Giovanni Abete. The team is made also by the women of the family: Tina, Patrizia e Elena, and their father Arcangelo, President and Founder of the company.
The evening was liven up by children partecipation, enjoied thanks to a dedicated entertainment and a magic show.
The most important moment of the evening was the speech of Mr. Giovanni Abete for Christmas wishes, preceded by the greetings of the paraolimpic champion Imma Cerasuolo, Athens 2004 gold medal. The CEO underlined the importance, behind the reached technological goals, of employees' job. The Enginner highlighted how important is the training, in and outside the factory, because, said the manager, "We can't stop on the skills".
 After the wishes and the toast, there was a musical show, to spend in glee the rest of the night.


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