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Abete's technology capabilities are enhanced with the new numerical control grinding

12 giu 2017
With the installation at Nola’s factory of the favoritCNC machine, renews a profitable confidence relationship with the Studer Company, the manufacturer of grinding machine.
Accuracy and timely delivery are undoubtedly two of the most required features by a customer, especially in the field like Defens. One way to guarantee them is to design machines and production lines dedicated to a single customer.
An example of a such approach is what Abete did with Studer's favoritCNC, a new universal cylindrical grinding machine inserted in the cell dedicated to an important customer of the Defense industry. This machine, designed for grinding medium-sized pieces in single and series production, provides several options, such as the self-calibration device, balancing system, initial contact detector and longitudinal positioning. This is a machine that combines high precision with very high productivity.
Dedicating all the favoritCNC's working hours to a single customer allows Abete to guarantee the delivery time with extreme precision.
The grinding process is a type of abrasion processing that is performed by means of a tool (defined geometry), called grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is made up of a large number of abrasive grains that are held together by a "binder". The binder has the task of assembling the different granes to form a compact abrasive.
This one with Studer, for Abete, is a long-standing relationship, started in 2001 with the acquisition of the first round grinding machine and now renewed with the favoritCNC, in line with the principle of continuous update to the most advanced technology level available on the market. Bringing into its own machinery plant like this, for Abete, is also part of the company overall alignment of to the trend of Industry 4.0, which can be synthetized in terms of optimization of production processes, development of industrial automation, collecting and analyzing production and operating data directly from the machine.


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